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What if your boss sends you a picture with a multi-column table and asks you to type it back into Excel? Instead of having to retype every word, you can convert the image to Excel and keep the same content and format of rows and columns. Today I will introduce you 3 tools to help convert photos into Excel quickly and save a lot of time. If you convert images to Word, you can see the ways I have introduced, it is best to use Google Drive.

aspose – convert images to Excel

aspose is a product that supports converting many online formats, mainly focusing on office software and graphic design. Here you will be provided with a completely free set of functions to convert images, pdf to Word, Excel and many many features Edit PDF, split PDF files, Convert pdf to doc, svg, html, excel , jpg… You can see all the features listed at

To convert images taken with your phone to Excel, you can use the image to excel feature.

aspose - convert images to Excel

To convert an image to Excel, simply drag and drop the image into the Upload space, select ‘OCR’ to recognize the language in the picture and click the . button ‘Change’. You will receive an Excel spreadsheet populated with data from the original image in seconds.


  • Fast processing, you can convert 10 photos to excel at the same time.
  • Format the correct position of rows and columns in the table.
  • App support on Android and IOS


  • Vietnamese language is not supported yet

fastdoc – convert images and pdfs to Excel or Word

Proudly fastdoc is a product page of a Team Vietnam made and is currently free for users to use with the feature of converting images and pdfs to Excel or Word. You just need to download the pdf file or image you want to transfer to Excel or Word, the rest will be handled by Fastdoc. In a few seconds you can load .docx, .excel containing the content in your original image.

fastdoc - convert to excel bar

After downloading, you can edit the content to your liking. According to information, in the near future, fastdoc will add online PDF file editing features such as Crop PDF, compress PDF files, Sign PDF, set PDF password…


  • is fastdoc focused on recognition technology Vietnamese is pretty standardso you can completely convert Vietnamese table images to excel quickly.
  • Especially no 1 ad any on this page.

Defect: only supports transferring 5 pages at the same time.

After learning about OCR applications and format conversion, I must say converts the most standard file today. With the same image I tested, converts image to excel to 90% standard. This page supports converting the following file formats:

  • PDF -> Word
  • PDF -> Excel
  • PDF -> PowerPoint
  • PDF -> JPG
  • PDF -> RTF
  • Word -> PDF
  • Excel -> PDF
  • JPG -> PDF
  • Visio -> PDF
  • CDR -> PDF
  • JPG -> Word
  • JPG -> Excel
  • JPG -> TXT

Including converting PDF, Word, JPG back and forth. What I like most about this website to convert images to Excel is that it supports almost 100% standard Vietnamese. Compared to fastdoc and aspose, fileeagle is far ahead in terms of formatting and OCR.

You can Upload a photo or enter the link of the image to be transferred, then select the language English then press Convert convert to excel Vietnamese

Wait a few seconds, you can download the excel file containing row/column information and Vietnamese text as shown in the picture. Then click the file in the Result to download the excel file to your computer.

How to convert images to Excel with Vietnamese support 4


  • Convert the correct row/column format in the image
  • Support Vietnamese standard 90%
  • Free
  • Support converting many formats JPG, PNG to word, excel


  • File processing time is a bit long

According to my personal assessment, Fastdoc will be superior in Vietnamese recognition but not good in column/row format. And fileeagle converts images to excel fairly standard in terms of rows and columns and Vietnamese (although it is a bit misspelled), and if you convert the English format and use it on your phone, you can choose aspose. The 3 websites that convert photos to excel I introduce all have their own advantages and disadvantages, you can try all 3 to get the best results.

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