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Previously, I introduced you to TOTHOST, the first hourly VPS service available in Vietnam. Currently, the company is continuing to have a 150K free gift program (including 50K free trial and 100K voucher) to use for all orders of Cloud Server PAYG, VPS, Web Hosting.

How to get 150K from TOTHOST

Because many of you missed TOTHOST’s trial program in August, TOTHOST decided to reopen the event to give away 150K free to use VPS/Hosting for everyone.

Follow these 3 simple steps to receive 150,000 VND in your TotHost account balance and enjoy surfing on the Cloud:

  1. Follow/Like TotHost fanpage.
  2. Register a TotHost account by following this link to immediately receive 50K free trial of Cloud Server service.
  3. Deposit from 20,000 to activate the received 100K voucher. See how to deposit money in this article.

With the above 3 steps, you will get 170K (150K given and 20K you top up) for free of TOTHOST.

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Get extra 20K/account from TOTHOST

In addition, you will Get 20,000 extra every time you invite 1 friend together using TotHost Cloud under the TOTBRO program.

  1. Send your friends the link to register for a TotHost Cloudapp account
  2. Instruct your friends to create an authentic account and send a referral code ticket with the content of your phone number. After that, both you and the person you refer will receive a reward from TotHost. 150k tothost
  3. Reminds you to deposit from 10,000 to both get the bonus too.

Voucher is not limited to the value of orders used, so you can use it to buy TotHost products and services at will:


  • The program applies to customers who have never used TotHost service.
  • Successfully registered account is an account that has fully authenticated both email and phone number.
  • The bonus will be added within 3 -5 hours, counting from your account verification/successful deposit. If you have to wait more than 180 minutes, contact TotHost immediately for support.
  • The amount is added directly to the Customer’s account balance on TotHost system and is valid for 30 days from the date it is added to the account.
  • The program is not exchangeable for cash.

How is the quality of TOTHOST?

I have tried VPS Windows 2Gb RAM – 2CPU Download / Upload speed is quite fast, over 500Mbps. If you want to use a Windows VPS, don’t use 1 Core – 1 CPU, because Windows Server is quite capable. If in average demand, I recommend you to register for Hosting to use because the 150K given can be used for more than 6 months for free.

Any questions about program details, do not hesitate to contact TotHost:

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