T-Mobile providing internet access to millions

(WSYR-TV) — T-Mobile is the fastest-growing home internet provider in the country. They added more than a million users in the first year since they started offering the service commercially last year.

That growth is giving internet access to millions of homes that weren’t previously served. Steve Carlson is a spokesperson for T-Mobile, and he shares the details.

In today’s day, people need home internet for all sorts of things, including work, school, family connections, and more. Access to internet at home is not always affordable, however.

T-Mobile offers 5G home internet, which is now available to more than 40 million homes nationwide, including 4 million in New York. 5G internet offers faster download speeds and a more reliable connection.

The service is easy to set up, and can be completed within 15 minutes. T-Mobile will ship you a router which you can set up quickly and smoothly.

For consumers who have T-Mobile’s Magenta Max plan, home internet costs $30 per month. For those without the plan, the cost is $50. The Magenta Max plan, T-Mobile’s most popular plan, offers high-speed unlimited data. It also includes free wifi on most domestic flights.

For more information, visit T-Mobile.com/Home-Internet.


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