Toddler Copying Phrases From Builders Delights Internet: ‘Giant Problem’

A mom, who has construction work going on at her house, has left the internet in stitches after revealing that her toddler son has started to speak like a middle-aged builder.

In a post shared on Mumsnet on Monday, user Weighy explained that she is having a home extension built, and her 3-year-old son sits for hours watching the builders work, but she fears she’s “let him watch them for too long without intervention,” and he’s started to “talk like a middle-aged builder.”

She said: “Over the weekend, my brother visited and asked [my son] how he was. [My son] replied ‘Can’t complain, you know how it is.’ Later, we were eating tea and [my son] asked if he could have a Radox bath to ‘soak his aching bones’.”

Most of the users who left comments on the post had assumed the boy learned how to swear, and found it funny when the boy’s mom explained he’s just using some old-fashioned expressions but no swearing is involved: “They’re not sweary builders at all. “

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A stock image shows a mom disciplining her child. The internet was left in stitches after a woman said her son learned old fashioned expressions by her builders.
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According to parenting website raising children, children swear for many reasons. Some might be imitating others and don’t understand that swear words aren’t acceptable.

Others often swear because they’re exploring language. They might be testing a new word, perhaps to understand its meaning.

They might also be trying to express a feeling like frustration, or simply be saying the word because it sounds funny or gets a reaction.

If you know why your child is swearing, it can help you decide on the best way to respond. And if they’re swearing to get attention, the best course of action is to ignore the swear word completely, and not react, avoiding making eye contact. You should also praise them when they use polite language.

The British mom continued saying: “The builders only started on Monday. They’re likely to be [here] for another six weeks. By the time they’ve finished, I think my [son] will be carrying a quote book, a pencil behind his ear, and doing that sucking-in-air noise that builders do before they hit you with a giant problem.”

She said her son was now using slang expressions like “geezer”, instead of “man”, and was calling the other kids at the nursery “mate”, which means “buddy” in the U.K.

Among the 103 commenters on the thread, most found the situation funny. One user, RailwaySleeper, wrote: “When he starts getting between 12-15 points on PopMaster [a radio pop music quiz], can you please send him round to my house as he will be a fully qualified builder. Thanks in advance.”

Another user, Antarcticant joked: “Has he started looking at the plumbing in your bathroom while tutting and shaking his head?” And TroysMammy said: “That’s so funny. Hope they are not sweary builders and like 3 sugars in their tea.”

TwowaystoUrmston commented: “That’s hilarious OP, bless him.” And CampRedLeaf said: “I honestly expected him to have started swearing! Bless him.”

Another user, ParvuliThankYouDebbie said: “He’ll be requiring tea every hour, on the hour, a large slice of cake round about three-ish and a special, very doorsteppy, bacon sarnie every Friday lunchtime.”

And Tomorrowisalatterday added: “Our builders were Polish—both our kids could sing several Polish pop songs by the time the work was finished!”

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