Trombone Champ is the internet’s newest obsession

‘Holy Wow!’ is probably what you’d say if a single tweet sent your weird and wacky video game into the gaming stratosphere overnight. Holy Wow is also the name of the studio behind Trombone Champ, a game that was recently on the receiving end of this treatment.

When PC Gamer posted a clip of this musical rhythm game, it likely didn’t expect immediate virality – but that’s exactly what happened. As of writing, the tweet showcasing gameplay for Trombone Champ has now hit 91,400 likes, and 24,100 retweets. It’s sparked a veritable trombone revolution, with keen players flocking to Steam to grab a piece of the musical pie.

Trombone Champ was not only trending on Twitter on Thursday, it also managed to rocket up the Steam charts, growing by 452.5% overnight. As of writing, the current player count is at 973, with this growing on a large upward trend – so much so, that it’s listed as one of the top trending games on the Steam Charts website.

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