Why do I have lousy internet speed?

Earlier this year I have 200mbps.  When I tested it, it came out to about 210 on both my ethernet connected desktop and my wifi connected laptop.

A month ago they increased my speed to 300mbps.  I tested my computers and the desktop was 130mbps and the laptop was 170.

Just by coincidence the ISP send someone out because they said they found problems with my wiring.  He said many of my connectors were inadequate and replaced them.  He also took off my amplifier, saying I wouldn’t need it now.  Oddly, it was my property and he refused to give it to me, but that is besides the point.

I still got 130 and 170 on my computer, but he got 350 directly off the modem so he said whatever was wrong was my problem.


I moved the ethernet going to my desktop from the router to the modem.  I also got 350mbps.  The modem claims it’s 4 ports do 1,000mbps, so the modem shouldn’t be the problem.  Neither should the ethernet cable.

So what is the problem?


I have 4 camera connected to the router by wifi; would that matter?  I also have a second router coming off the first one; maybe they divide the bandwidth?  I don’t know, grasping at straws.


Any help would be appreciated.

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