Why The GTA 6 Leaks Have The Internet Completely Split

For years, gamers had no clue if a “GTA 6” was actually in development, aside from a few vague statements from Rockstar. So, when the leak confirmed that the long-awaited “GTA 6” was well on its way, gamers across the internet were in disbelief and couldn’t help but plaster their favorite excitement gif anywhere they could. After all, the hype for “GTA 6” has been building for some time, as it’s been almost ten years since the last entry in the series.

The small details showcased also got gamers excited about the content of the game. For example, fans got a peek at a new transit system, improved combat, and some upgrades to the day and night cycles. This content dump was a welcome treat for some hardcore fans who now have a hefty amount of content to chew on while they wait for the game to hit shelves.

Because of all this, some argued that this leak was a good thing for both Rockstar Games and fans. For example, one gamer wrote that the leak could potentially put the hype for “GTA 6” at an all-time high while only having a minor impact on the game’s development and not damaging the consumer.


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