Crack open Austin flavor with a can of this organic hard seltzer

If it’s possible to capture the flavor of Austin in a can, this is it. Big Country Organic Hard Seltzer is brewed with love right here in Austin and offers a taste of the adventurous, free spirit of the city.

Each seltzer is 90 calories, zero grams of sugar, and every flavor is handcrafted by one of Austin’s top mixologists.

Prickly Pear Peach, Passionfruit Kiwi, Blackberry Grapefruit, and Watermelon Pineapple are all available. And good news: They recently launched a new variety 12-pack available at all of Texas’ most popular stores, so you can easily find your favorite flavor.

Big Country doesn’t just taste good, it’s a feel-good beverage, too. It’s certified organic, fair trade, Non-GMO Project, and Go Texan.

They use Big Country organic cane sugar from Paraguay to ferment into an organic alcohol for a “cane to can” approach, which ensures transparency and quality.

In fact, the company’s manufacturing facility in Austin is the only certified organic brewery in the state of Texas.

When you see the Fair Trade Certified seal, you can be sure the funds are helping sugar cane farmers work in safe conditions, build sustainable livelihoods, and earn additional money to empower and uplift their communities. Since the start of Big Country, Fair Trade purchases have sent more than $82,000 to the program.

The folks at Big Country know that everyone is on their own journey, and making the most of it is important. Whether you’re heading beachside, cliffside, fireside, or poolside, enjoy the journey with Big Country Organic Hard Seltzer.

So here’s to that next camping trip, swimming hole dip, or maybe even just a walk into your own backyard with a Big Country Organic Hard Seltzer in hand. Everyone is born to explore — sometimes near, sometimes far.

Big Country Organic Hard Seltzer is available at all major Texas retailers.

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