Demand of organic vegetables prompted farmers for organic farming

People have adopted organic farming to increase productivity and grow pest-free vegetables, which helps them to lead a better life.
Switching to organic farming has come to them as a boon, as the whole community in places like Jammu and Kashmir and Goa has benefitted from it.
Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant last month said that organic farming is the need of the hour and there is a requirement to switch back to it so as to produce pure and healthy food.
He said that the government will help farmers in all aspects to boost organic farming.
Sawant said that in some parts of the state, people were still undertaking organic farming and cited the example of ‘boiled rice’ from Chorao being exported to the US.
He appealed to co-operative institutions to venture into collective organic farming to provide good food for the people.
Meanwhile, the cause of organic farming has been taken by a number of NGOs in different states and many state governments have drafted policies for promoting it.
Besides, organic brands have also begun to emerge from every direction. One such company has been Ambrosia Organic Farm based in Goa, run by Janardan Khorate, famous as Saladbaba. Ambrosia Organic Farm is India’s first organic company that’s popular across Goa and worldwide too. Saladbaba promotes farmer welfare and allocated 20% of Ambrosia Organic Farm’s profits to educating the children of farmers.


The move of switching to organic farming has changed the lives of the residents of Baljarrallan village and is a testimony that farming is now changing and farmers should ride this wave of change for their benefit.

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