Devi AI, lead gen tool that monitors your social to find organic leads

If you’re a cash-money Facebook advertiser, there’s a hot new product still in the pre-patent mode that you should look into. Devi AI is an up-and-coming tool that monitors your Facebook groups and LinkedIn to automatically find organic leads for you. 

Danish Soomro, the creator of Devi AI, states that Facebook groups are the best way to find your first 100 customers for your business. He also states that browsing the groups takes a lot of time each day, thus calling for a solution. 

Soomro claims that Devi AI is a quick fix for this problem because it automatically monitors your groups and finds potential leads for you! 

One of the benefits of this new tool includes being able to find you 50+ high-intent leads a month for free. It can also help you save 2-3 hours daily that you would normally spend looking for leads. 

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Devi AI can monitor Facebook groups, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts for keywords that may lead you to more customers. 

Some features include:

  • Keyword, brand, and competitor monitoring 
  • Comment or DM using the tool
  • Save the comments using templates 

Soomro also states that you don’t have to be the admin of the Facebook group you’re monitoring. You can monitor as a member. Both public and private groups can also be used, allowing a wide variety of potential leads to come your way. 

Devi includes a 14-day free trial, and claims to find you enough leads to pay for itself during week #1. That’s quite a pledge. 

According to Soomro, you follow about 25 groups where your customers hang out, then you can generate about 50+ or more leads a month, plus thousands of impressions for product awareness.

This sounds like a promising new launch and has the potential to be an exciting tool for business owners. 

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