Gujarat guv pushes for organic farming in Goa | Goa News

Panaji: On his first ever visit to Goa, Gujarat governor Acharya Devvrat said that efforts must be made to ensure that farmers venture into organic farming using natural products and urged the state government to uplift farmers to make them self-sufficient.
“I have 200 acres of land in Haryana where I would use chemical fertiliser and urea instead of organic products. Scientists world over say that chemical farming is responsible for 24% of global warming and that organic carbon below 0.5% is detrimental to the land. As a result, North India is heading towards destruction due to chemical farming,” he said.
The directorate of agriculture organised a daylong event at the Raj Bhavan, Dona Paula, to popularise the concept of natural farming to sensitise and to create awareness amongst the agriculture extension functionaries, farming community and to promote the concept in the state.
Devvrat, who is known to not only be a strong proponent of natural farming but also its active practitioner, said that he extensively experimented with natural farming and did not propagate its practice until he achieved success in the venture.
“More than 300 crore healthy bacteria are found in a single gram of the dung of Indian origin cows. Scientists have said that non-lactating cows are able to generate more healthy bacteria compared to milch cows,” he said.
Speaking at the event, chief minister Pramod Sawant said that there is a need for Goans to return to our roots and the vision of Atmabirbhar Bharat and Swayampurna Goem must be accomplished in dairy, horticulture, pisciculture and the fisheries sector.
“The horticulture corporation can stop depending on other states for vegetables if focus is laid on growing our own crop – including indigenous variants of greens which are slowly dying out,” he said.

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