Happy Family Organics® Unveils Five Nutritious Innovations to Address Critical Feeding Milestones Along Little Ones’ Developmental Journeys

The largest organic baby food brand in the U.S. serves up bold new flavors and textures with latest nutrition-forward product launches

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Happy Family Organics® – the #1 organic baby food brand in the U.S.1 – introduces an exciting lineup of innovations that add to its wide portfolio of solutions for families navigating their babies’ & toddlers’ feeding journeys. Happy Family remains committed to its mission to change the trajectory of children’s health through nutrition with this new slate of innovations, bringing two product lines to market for baby that offer a full serving of veggies – Happy Baby Stage 3 Savory Blends and Happy Baby Advancing Textures Bowls; a new pouch line – Happy Baby Brain Support Blends™ – with DHA & Choline to help support brain health; and two new snack options – Happy Tot Fruity Sticks and Happy Tot Give Back Variety Pack – that feature 0g added sugar.2 These new items were inspired by principal recommendations and nutritional gaps highlighted in the 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans aged 0-3 to make Every Bite Count for American babies and toddlers. Key findings such as 90% of toddlers falling short on veggie recommendations and guidance for infants and young children to avoid foods and beverages with added sugar helped establish the roadmap for Happy Family’s 2022 innovation set, which includes both protein foods and veggie-forward items.3 This roster of new innovations join Happy Family’s winning innovation portfolio, which has driven the most dollar sales of any leading organic baby food brand in the past 5 years and inspired industry leaders like Fast Company to recognize Happy Family Organics as one of the Best Workplaces For Innovators. 4 

“We are proud to introduce new products that not only taste delicious but provide critical nutritious solutions to parents’ most common challenges when feeding their little ones. From starting solids to self-feeding, to advancing textures and tastes, these innovations help families navigate the entire feeding journey — from six months and beyond,” said Anne Laraway, the CEO and “Mom In Chief” of Happy Family Organics. “Nutrition remains at the forefront of everything we do at Happy Family, and these new items model our mission to change the trajectory of children’s health through nutrition. Since becoming the largest baby food brand to join Partnership for a Healthier America’s (PHA) Veggies Early & Often campaign last year, our team has continued our commitment to innovating with vegetable-forward products, which remains a gap across major brands in the category.”

Happy Family Organics team continues to find opportunities to use its expertise and scale to bring products to market that help meet the evolving needs of families. Nutritious products supporting functional benefits continue to be a top desire for parents5, and brain health support represents a key whitespace, with no other baby food category leader specifically targeting this need state with a fruit & veggie pouch.6 This inspired the brand to reimagine their heritage Super Smart pouch line for toddlers and create the new Happy Baby Brain Support Blends™, featuring DHA & Choline to help support baby’s brain health. The two new pouches include tropical flavors like passion fruit and guava in purees for babies ages 6 months and up.

As baby transitions from starting solids into intermediate and advancing textures, two new Happy Baby products offer nutritious solutions for parents: Happy Baby Stage 3 Savory Blends and Happy Baby Advancing Texture Bowls. Stage 3 Savory Blends pouches combine organic protein from meat or poultry and one full serving (¼ cup) of veggies to help little ones 7+ months explore new tastes and flavors, all while addressing important nutrients detailed in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. These new additions to the Savory Blends subrange of pouches also feature thoughtfully crafted recipes, with organic vegetables and good fats from avocado or olive oil, just like the ones you would roast or sauté́ at home to help little ones try – and love – meats & veggies. Each comes unsalted and includes a hint of herbs and spices like garlic or cumin to enhance the taste and help grow little ones’ love for flavor.

For the next stage of development at 9+ months, Happy Family developed new Happy Baby Advancing Textures Bowls in partnership with infant feeding specialists to introduce new textures that help prepare baby for table food – now available in two delicious flavors, Pumpkin & Tomato Paella and Sweet Potato & Coconut Curry. Dr. Amy L. Delaney, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Director of the Neurodevelopmental Feeding and Swallowing Lab at Marquette University, notes: “It is very important to start advancing food textures for baby by 9 months of age to promote feeding skill development. Incorporating textures of increasing complexity helps provide the safe experiences that are necessary during their journey of starting solids.” Crafted in culinary-inspired recipes and made with 1-2 full servings of veggies7, these bowls offer a nutritious solution to move baby along the feeding journey past purees in a delicious and convenient bowl format. In conjunction with the brand’s long-term commitments with Partnership for a Healthier America, all flavors from Happy Baby’s Stage 3 Savory Blends and Advancing Textures Bowls include recipes that meet Happy Family’s vegetable commitments with PHA, supporting their joint work to promote vegetable consumption among babies and toddlers. 

“Our team was so proud to be named one of Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators in 2021, an ode to the innovative and collaborative environment we’ve created that puts creativity, trust, and problem-solving front and center as we follow our mission,” said Regina Lee Fechter, VP Marketing. “We made a robust set of commitments as part of PHA’s Veggies Early and Often campaign to bring more veggies and whole grains to the market without any added salt or sugar, and our new mealtime options deliver that with a delicious taste. My 9-month-old Dillon loves our Paella bowl and Sweet Potato Curry too!”

Self-feeding continues to be another critical touchpoint along little one’s feeding journey that Happy Family Organics helps address with best-selling innovations.8 As little ones reach toddlerhood, new Happy Tot Fruity Sticks – the first filled crunchy snack in the aisle with 0g added sugar!9 – offer a unique and playful snack time option for growing tots. Specially formulated with 20% DV of Vitamin C to help support the immune system, Happy Tot Fruity Sticks are a nutritious and tasty bite-sized solution for toddler to practice self-feeding at snack time.

In addition to developing innovations, Happy Family continues to reimagine and build on their winning organic product portfolio to provide new nutritious options in convenient formats for parents. The new Happy Tot Organics Give Back Variety Pack features two of the brand’s best-selling Super Morning breakfast blends in a convenient 8-pack. Every purchase of the new variety pack also supports a donation of a snack or meal to a child in need,10 in an effort to increase organic food access for families in neighborhoods that lack access to nutritious food as part of Happy Family Organics’ work with PHA. Each variety pack includes four pouches of Bananas, Blueberries, Yogurt, Oats & Chia, and four pouches of Apples, Cinnamon, Yogurt, Oats & Chia.

Happy Family Organics products are available at grocers and retailers nationwide. Please visit Happy Family’s Store Locator for more details: www.happyfamilyorganics.com/store-locator/


Happy Family Organics has been on a mission to change the trajectory of children’s health through nutrition since the company launched on Mother’s Day in 2006. We are constantly innovating to provide families with the best possible products, solutions, and resources for their evolving needs. From day one, we provide organic nutrition and support for your baby’s feeding journey, whether that’s breast or formula feeding all the way through starting solids and picky eating. We thoughtfully craft organic meals and snacks with curated ingredients that are appropriate for each baby, toddler, and kid’s age and stage to help support a lifetime of wellness.

As champions of organic, every product in our line is certified USDA organic, which means our food is grown without using toxic persistent pesticides and has no artificial hormones or GMOs – just ingredients from earth-friendly organic farms. We know that only a healthy planet can grow healthy food and are committed to cultivating a sustainable world for little ones today and for future generations. From our WIC-authorized Clearly Crafted™ Jars to our free online live chat with lactation consultants and registered dietitian nutritionists, we put babies and parents first, with support for every family. Happy Family Organics is a Certified B Corporation®. To learn more, please visit: https://www.bcorporation.net/en-us/find-a-b-corp/company/happy-family-brands.

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