Solving the challenges of urban gardening – one Organic Smart Garden at a time

Everyone deserves to grow and enjoy plants in their homes because greens are essential for our well-being and happiness. But, People living in cities face several challenges while growing their greens. Whether it is for decor or food, growing plants in cramped apartments and keeping them alive can get stressful. Moreover, even though very passionate, few of us have the time and effort needed for regular maintenance of our greens.

What if you had an option to grow a variety of plants at your home completely effortlessly? What if you could grow the greens or flowers you love, in whichever room you want? What if you did not have to worry about watering and stress about your plant babies getting enough light? Many ‘if’s and one answer – Get Greenie Organic Smart Garden, which is right now live on Kickstarter!

Get Greenie provides technology to make home gardening a completely hands-off and hassle-free experience. You can set it up (which takes about ten minutes), literally forget about it for a month and then you will have beautiful greens growing at home. For the initial set-up, you just have to fill up the water tank, place the cups in the Greenie, plug it in, and connect it to your phone. Greenie will take care of your plants from here, ALL-YEAR-ROUND, with minimal attention!

Many times we are hesitant about not having enough space in our small homes to grow a garden. Get Greenie is not only a space saver but also fits right into any room of your home. It is compact and designed to fit in seamlessly in your kitchen for convenient access to herbs or as a part of the decor in your drawing room.

Maintenance – In traditional gardening, if you are not paying daily attention to moisture levels and sunlight, it can be fatal for your beloved greens. Greenie frees you from these worries by doing the maintenance for you 24×7. From watering to proper light, you can set up everything with a tap right from your phone. Greenie’s magic soil ensures proper nutrients and its grow lights maintain optimum light for your plants’ healthy growth.

Instant Support – Every time you order a Greenie, you have a chance to contact a professional gardener for FREE. Moreover, with Greenie mobile app, you will get info about when to harvest or prune your greens. You can also connect with nutrition experts and gardening gurus there.

Eco friendly -Our urban lifestyle often leaves a huge carbon footprint. Even the food we eat is often transported by using fossil fuels and refrigerated for long periods. All of that is adding up to the climate crisis. Get Greenie helps you offset this by providing an eco-friendly option for growing food right at your home.

Pest-free and tasty food – As we can not grow our own food, we have to often settle for stale and pesty vegetables. Well, with Get Greenie, you will not only get nutritious food but harvest it fresh, as and when you need it. So you will also avoid food wastage.

One can grow any type of plants on Greenie. Get Greenie is awesome for growing leafy greens, herbs, or even flowers. The USP of Get Greenie is that you can grow tasty leafy greens and herbs without worrying about pests or maintenance. From crisp kale, fresh basil and calming mint, to cherry tomato, spicy chilli and sweet strawberry, this Organic Smart Garden can give you amazing produce to make your meals yummy and healthy.

You can even grow pricey and exotic greens like arugula or kale with the help of Get Greenie. If you are a decor aficionado, Get Greenie is perfect for growing your favourite flowers all year round. Moreover, you don’t have to cut the flowers to decorate and watch them wilt in a day! You can display them right in your wooden Greenie set up for months at a time.

Are you excited to grow your own leafy greens and flowers?

Take advantage of the exciting Kickstarter launch offers on Get Greenie and get started on your home garden.

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