Sunny Lea Farms takes pride in organic products and practices

Sunny Lea Farms | Photo by Bella Sailors

From garden-tenders to market vendors, Callie Bagley and family have been selling fresh produce at the Owensboro Regional Farmers’ Market for two years. 

“My mom has always had a huge garden, and it just kind of morphed until we had so much extra, so we decided to start selling,” Bagley said.

It can be hard for small businesses like Sunny Lea Farms to find a good place to sell their products, but the Farmers’ Market has proven to be the perfect location for Bagley and her family. 

“This has been the best venue for us. We tried to set up in our little hometown, but we just had cars flying by and nobody ever really stopped,” Bagley said. “Here, we normally sell out in a few hours.”

Not only is the Farmers’ Market good for their business, but Bagley also enjoys having the opportunity to be a part of the environment, saying that she loves the “people and the energy.”

Sunny Lea Farms prides themselves in the quality of their organic baked goods and vegetables and the way they care for their regenerative farm. 

“To me, regenerative farming is leaving land better than you found it,” Bagley said. “We use organic practices, we don’t use any herbicides or pesticides in our garden, and we don’t till.”

Being a “no till” farm really does make a difference, as excessive tilling of land over time can lead to infertile land. 

To learn more about their farm, visit their Facebook page here.

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