Visalia council seeks environmental green light on code changes

Additionally, SB 1383 has requirements for tier two food generators who will also have to keep record of food donations made to food recovery organizations. According to the updated Visalia municipal code, food generators classified in tier two are places like restaurants that either seat 250 or more people or have a facility size that equals or surpasses 5,000 square feet; hotels with 200 or more rooms and onsite food facilities; health facilities with 100 or more beds and an on-site food facility; state agencies with 250 or more seats and a cafeteria facility size of 5,000 square feet or greater; local education agencies like school distict with an on-site food facility; and large venues that seat and serve over 2,000 people per day on venue grounds. Venue facilities include, but are not limited to, public nonprofit or privately owned stadiums, amphitheaters, arenas, amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, museums and others. 

Similarly to venues, tier two qualifications also apply to large events, like sporting events and flea markets that charge admission fees, as well as public, nonprofit and privately owned parks, parking lots, golf courses, street systems and other open spaces being used for events.

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